Nov 20.16

Album 3 started but slightly sidetracked due to me being commissioned to produce the score for a ballet…unexpected.

April 15.16

Wrote the music for a Nurofen TV commercial for WK.

March 09.16

Mixed a live recording of “Reeves Gabrels & His Imaginary Friends” from a show on his last tour.

Sept 05.15

I did the soundtrack with Gary O’Brien for the film “Noise” by Paul Surety which was nominated for an award at the Portobello Film Festival

Aug 20.15

Finished working on a short film soundtrack together with Jason Cooper and Reeves Gabrels

April 20.15

“Never Tear This Out Of Me” released today and available as CD from the website store , as a download at iTunes, or all other digital stores

Mar 24.15

“Never Tear This Out Of Me” release date set for 20th April ’15

Mar 3.15

“Tear” gets it’s first airplay on Amazing Radio (DAB or .com) 11.15am’ish this Wednesday…Thanks Chris Martin!

Feb 22.15

Thank you Heather Nash for this review :

Jan 29.15

Video for “Tear” from the new album up on YouTube

Jan 18.15

Album no2 entitled “Never Tear This Out Of Me” being pressed.

Nov 6.14

Album no.2 is all mixed and now in L.A. being mastered.

Aug 9.14

It’s been a long process but the guitars are now finished for the album and I’m loving the way they have turned out.

Jan 29.14

Just recorded drums with my friend Jason Cooper at State of the Ark studios for the next album with Cameron Craig on the desk. Awesome.

Dec 31.13

Much love for 2014.

Oct 20.13

Have now started recording the new album, loving the decibels.

Sept 30.13

Spent the summer working on Ep no.2 for Deadsville DF which is now all ready for release in Nov.

May 9.13

“Sell You Out” included in BBC Radio 6’s “Fresh On The Net”

April 30.13

Video for “Sell You Out” complete and posted. Thank you to Tom Mulvee for “Hannah under Water” footage.

March 27.13

Studio has been rebuilt and is sounding sweet with a lot of analogue additions. Can’t wait to make it all glow.

March 11.13

The Deadsville DF Ep “Small Town Melodies” is now out on iTunes and other digital stores. Enjoy.

Jan 3.13

Happy New Year ! I spent the end of last year working on Deadsville DF, which will continue in 2013, as well as re-equipping the studio which is nearly done. Work on more Furry Element is under way. Exciting times.

Dec 4.12

Work on Deadsville DF’s Ep “Small Town Melodies” now complete.

Sept 17.12

Album now available to buy as CD or download

August 19.12

“Nothing Here the Drugs Can’t Fix” release date set for Sept 17th

July 18.12

Album promo video in the can.

June 15.12

Album finalised.

May 31.12

“Bare” video released.

May 30.12

Masters are back from Brian Lucey at Magic Garden. Little genius that he is.

May 19.12

Album in Columbus, Ohio, being mastered at Magic Garden Mastering.

May 14.12

Olly Tseliki @ 6F4 has finalised the album artwork. All ready for the print. Sweet.